Aerospace Components

Using advanced technologies for the manufacturing of components etc.

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Automotive Engineering

Working within niche areas of the Automotive sector.

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Marine Fabrication

We precision engineer marine safety equipment.

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NWA are highly experienced in the provision of components.

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of business and use of website:


  1. Credit will not be granted until Application form is completed and references taken up and reviewed.
  2. Credit facilities apply to all parts and services.
  3. Payment terms are settlement in full 30 days from end of month of invoice.
  4. Failure to comply with terms and conditions will cause the withdrawal of credit facilities and any outstanding sums will become payable immediately.
  5. The Company will use its best endeavours to deliver all goods at the date and within the time specified in the contract, but the Company shall not be liable for any expense, loss or damage whatsoever suffered by the Customer as a result of the Company for whatever reason not delivering at the date within the time specified.
  6. Should the availability of any parts to any of the Customers works or delivery thereof, whether by the Company or third party carrier be prevented or hindered directly or indirectly by fire, the elements, war, civil corruption, strikes, lock outs, industrial dispute, shortage of raw materials or fuel notwithstanding that the Company has taken all reasonable steps to procure the same, breakdown or partial failure of plant or machinery, acts, orders, or regulations of any Government, delay on the part of any independent sub-contractor or supplier, or another cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of the Company, then the time for delivery of the goods shall be extended for a reasonable period having regard to the effect of the delaying cause on the availability or delivery of the goods. If the availability or delivery of the goods is still prevented or hindered at the end of that period, the Company may cancel any deliveries made.
  7. If the Customer alleges that the goods or any part thereof are not in accordance with the contract and shall give notice in the Company and its agents and afford them the facilities to inspect the goods and investigate the complaints before the goods are used, processed sold or otherwise dealt with. PROVIDED the Customer have complied with this condition and if the goods or any part thereof are proved not to be in accordance with the contract or specification then the Company will accept the rejection of the relevant goods and replace the goods within a reasonable time. The Customer shall not in any case return any goods to the Company unless the Company has agreed in writing to accept their return.
  8. The Company shall not be liable for loss or profit, damage to plant, or for any expenditure incurred on goods supplied or any consequential or special loss or damage sustained by the Customer by reason of any breach of the contract by the Company.

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Privacy Policy

Aeroforms work hard to keep the information you supply us safe. The company follows strict security procedures on how your personal information is stored and used, and who sees it, to help stop any unauthorised person retrieving it.

Personal Information

Aeroforms collect personal details, such as your name, company name and email address only when you use our website to send us an enquiry. The company will only use that information to respond to your message and to help us get you the information or services you have requested. Remember that email is not necessarily secure. You should never send sensitive or personal information by email.

Aeroforms collect personal information from you in two main ways:

Automatically collected information

The company collects and temporarily stores certain technical information about your visit for use in site management and security purposes. This information includes:

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